A lot comes with being a new age mom. Apart from juggling a professional career, being a spontaneous partner and having a healthy social life you also have to think of ways to constantly “mix things” up. One of the things to always mix and keep lively are children’s birthday […]

Construction Themed Birthday Party

So you’re engaged and planning a 2017 wedding! But where do you start? #1 Give yourself some time! Be kind to yourself and allow yourself ample time to pace yourself in planning your beautiful day. Being engaged does not mean that the wedding has to happen ASAP (unless there’s a bun […]

2017 Wedding Planning 101

Welcome to BLAQUE FRIDAY!! So you just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m sure by now you have realized that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Guest list? Budget? Outfits? Cake? Entertainment?Decor? HELP!!! That’s why we’ve rounded up the best guides to help you navigate through the […]

BLAQUE FRIDAY – Introduction