2017 Wedding Planning 101

So you’re engaged and planning a 2017 wedding! But where do you start?

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#1 Give yourself some time!

Be kind to yourself and allow yourself ample time to pace yourself in planning your beautiful day.

Being engaged does not mean that the wedding has to happen ASAP (unless there’s a bun in the oven, and its a “you need to tie the knot before it pops” kind of wedding). Otherwise cut yourself some slack! There is power in taking a step back and catching your breath. It helps you to look at things objectively and not make haste decisions with excitement. It is perfectly okay to have a long engagement in order to ensure a perfect wedding rather than a sloppy rushed affair. Kick back and take a sip on a good ‘old glass of wine or grape juice (depends on whether you like your grapes naughty or nice…)  but enjoy the planning phase.

After all it is a huge job to plan to a Tee all the things that need to fall into place on one single day.

#2 Set a budget

The budget plays a huge role in achieving thee perfect wedding. It really does play a role in setting your wedding scene. Obviously at first glance you will not be able to have the budget 100% figured out, but having a starting point makes the finish line a whole lot better to get to.

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#3 Consider your guest list

This ties into your budget one way or another. The longer your guest list, the bigger your wedding budget. Considering you guest list also helps in planning your wedding theme and style as the reception will need to be suitable for the age groups attending.

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Example: no need in stocking up a bar if your guests prefer non-alcohol beverages. This also assist with planning your catering requirements / wedding menu that will be in sync with your guests.

#4 Leave room for “randoms” on your guest list

This is a topic that we all like to shy away from however no matter how controlled we try keep things, there are always “randoms” at weddings. Some may be family friends that you don’t know personally, some friends of friends or simply family (yes I mean mom) may have gotten a little too excited and over extended invitations to more than the desired number of guests. So due to this let’s plan for the randoms and reserve at least 2 or 3 tables for these lovely guests.

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#5 Involve your partner!

Once he pops the question brides-to-be have a tendency to be affected by the wedding craze and forget to actually think about what he wants. Most men will just say “anything you want my love” however that’s not necessarily true. Try to involve him not when you need advice from choosing choice A or B and you will be amazed at what he will have to say when involved from the very start!

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Hopefully these tips will come in handy!

Till next time bride to be, Happy BLAQUE FRIDAY!!

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